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Our Story

A Little Bit Of History

In 2019, Bill and Karen had the opportunity to buy the field behind their house. When deciding what to do with the property, Bill only had one thought... he wanted to plant Christmas trees. His idea was to grow the trees so family and friends could come and pick their perfect tree, in exchange for a donation that could be used to help someone at Christmas. 

In mid-December 2020, Bill was at work, talking to a co-worker about his idea. A local business owner was on a service call at Bill's work. He asked him what was stopping him from moving forward. Bill explained that the trees grow about one foot each year so he would need to purchase pre-cut trees, which would cost money. The business owner immediately handed him a check saying, "Go buy the trees."  

Within a few hours, Bill had a friend helping to get pre-cut trees at a

wholesale price, and another friend contacting "Santa" to visit. In total

for 2020, Angel Tree Farms opened one day, the week before Christmas,

for friends and family. Twenty-three trees were handed out, including

seven that were donated and delivered to families financially affected

by the COVID quarantine.

The donation that year totaled $1000.00. Karen and Bill decided to give the

money to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, a non-profit

that helps over 300 local families as they battle childhood cancer. Over the

years, PCFLV has helped Karen's family, their friends' children, and members

of their community.​

In 2021, Angel Tree Farms began planting trees and was again gifted

money from several local businesses, enough to get 80pre-cut trees.

Between friends, family, and neighbors, the donation totaled $5000.00.

Going into our 2022 season we were more excited than ever but scared

as to what was to come. We experienced lots of new things. We

attended our first tree auction, we built our first Santa shed, we were

interviewed by WFMZ News, and we went to the Pediatric Cancer

Foundation of the Lehigh Valley's, Holiday Stroll. 2022 ended up

becoming our highest grossing year, totaling 165 trees exchanged for

a donation totaling $11,000. 

Angel Tree Farms is registered as a non-profit and is in the process of obtaining 501c3 status. Because of the generosity of our corporate sponsors, the many hours of work provided by our volunteers, and the behind-the-scenes magic of our "secret elves" in the local community, 100% of donations received for Christmas trees and pictures with Santa is given to PCFLV. 

Angel Tree Farms looks to the future and hopes to add other organizations to their donation list.

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