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Our Goals

Our Hopeful Future

We want to continue to help people and make sure that all families have happy holidays. All we want to do is grow. Every year, we work in hopes of making our farm better and better. We aim for problem solving and general improvement. 

Another big goal of ours is to start receiving so many donations that we can start giving to other charities as well. Being able to give the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley $11,000 last holiday season was beyond any goal we thought we would reach. Now our goal is to be able to give more to other types of families that may be struggling during the holiday season. 

So many families struggle to have a happy holiday due to scary circumstances. It's unfair for them to have such hardships during such a joyous time of the year when the rest of us can celebrate. When we give PCFLV donations, they use that money to help those families. To try and help them have the smoothest, most festive holiday possible. So many other families in other types of situations go through this experience. We want to help as many people as possible.

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